Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mature Fashion: Its the little things..

In the same manner I try to remind myself that it is a combination of little styling habits practiced regularly that allow a woman to always have great style, it is a combination of little things of a physical nature that can keep a woman feeling (and looking) both healthy and vibrant.  Here are a few of my favorite and health conscious "little things".

..drinking a full glass of water first thing in the morning and keeping a full glass (cup, really) of water on the kitchen counter and drinking from it every time I enter the kitchen.

..remembering to keep my shoulders back and head high and over my shoulders when I sit or walk.. 

..never parking my car in the first row unless I am purchasing something very heavy..

..vacuuming and dusting at least twice a week......keeps me moving and helps keep my house neat.

..cleansing face EVERY evening and morning..

...applying appropriate sun screen every day....rain or shine

..taking appropriate vitamins and supplements every day...

...eating three cups of vegetables every day and one cup of fresh fruits.

..taking a 1K step walk (about 15 minutes) minutes every day

..dressing in such a manner to feel good about the way I look..

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