Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mature Fashion: Meet Dr, Youn

No make-up at all;  lipline dye stain remains from yesterday 
I discovered another medical guru on PBS!!  You have seen several posts from me in the past regarding the PBS specials (and books) that have helped me and others (by report) so much.  I have encouraged all  to read and/or view the programs to help us maintain a great quality of life in our "declining" years.

Well, I had never heard of Dr. Anthony Youn before last week.  I encountered his program on PBS called the "Age Fix" by just channel surfing one afternoon.  He was giving his lecture for the purpose of promoting his new book, also called the "Age Fix". I was captured by by the segment of the show that was discussing the benefits of using some natural products as face creams, etc

My ears perked right up!!; If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have been using plain yogurt as a face cleanser for some time, and have been trying out other natural skin remedies. I began this mostly because I have been having more skin complications with breaking out, clogged pores, etc.  I have also been concerned over the dangerous products allowed by our cosmetics by the beauty industry. Obviously, the subject caught my eye and I began watching the program in earnest.  I continued to watch the entire program twice and immediately ordered the book to read .  I also wanted to do a bit of research on this doctor. (although I inherently trust information I get from KQED (Channel 9, 25, or 54 here), I always like to check several sources before I take any action or pass on the information. 

From what the emcee and research sources, I understand, although a bit "Hollywood", (like Dr. Oz, etc.) according to the articles I read,  this doctor is reported to be a world class plastic surgeon with a waiting list of approximately one year before one can enlist his services! (not verified),  I also understand he has been endorsed by major reputable sources, and has a sterling reputation for not performing surgery if it can be avoided by using a more holistic approach.

I also understand that he is best known for discouraging any procedure he does not feel is necessary.  He also believes that a great deal of the purely cosmetic surgeries can be prevented by using many inexpensive natural on hand kitchen ingredients.  He also believes a large numbers of the "fixes" can be corrected simply by diet and exercise.

Guess what anti-aging programs he recommends!! changes: (and a new term for me, preventing "Extrinsic Aging")...all of which we are aware at some level.  We all know that smoking in any amount, excessive alcohol consumption, and rays from the sun all affect the skin.  Many of us also know that a healthy diet and enough hydration is required for great skin, but I had no idea about how severely our diet controls potential damage or benefit.

And it is all good news; the same healthy eating habits preached by my favorite "Nutritarians", Drs. Fuhrman, Lustig, Hyman, Masley, etc is the same diet advised by Dr. Youn for generating great skin.

Dr. Youn has also solicited advice from the top make-up artists as well as dermatologists, etc. to give us the inside scoop on what over the counter products work as well as the high priced products that perform no more effectively.  He also documents strategies for maximizing skin care during each decade of ways to "Rock Age" cosmetically.

I would be happy to pass on some of this information, but Dr. Youn has a VERY strict policy regarding using information to which he has the copywrite.  I believe it was certainly worthwhile for me to buy the book; I especially like the do-it-yourself recipes such as his lip plumper!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mature Fashion: Farm, Not Pharm.....

Can't see them but I have an assortment of rings
as well as the black over/under earrings.
Since 1982, the field of medicine has known beyond any reasonable doubt that the American diet is the root of the majority of chronic health problems.  For longer than that nutritional educators have taught that at least five or more servings of vegetables and fruit should be eaten every day..(Ketchup and orange soda do not count).  Most of the women who are in my generation were taught the importance of eating the vegetables on our plates, and we consumed meals that contained them at every lunch, and dinner. We usually had some form of fruit at breakfast. (bananas or dried fruit with cereal, sliced fruits, and freshly squeezed orange juice was common)  Eating between meals (except for after school snacks) was discouraged, and candy and desserts were special occasion treats, or served only at dinner.  Cookies and milk and/or apples was maybe given as the snack, and popcorn might be prepared for evening television, if anything was eaten before bed.

Meats of all forms were expensive to purchase, and often were grown on the farm (free range), and a favorite hobby of the men might be catching fish for dinner, and any meats consumed by the families of hunters was grass fed by free range.  Pesticide free home gardens produced most of the fresh vegetables and home orchards most of the fruits.
Chrome Hearts-Dagger Series

How foreign this diet sounds now! Yet, that is the diet my generation experienced as common fare.  With every decrease in this farm based diet, the increase in heart disease, type II diabetes, obesity, cancer, arthritis, etc. has increased.  Every year, more and more convenience foods are produced, and the health status of our population decreases. All of these foods contain chemical compounds unknown 50 years ago.

Every health professional knows this; many are writing innumerable books about it; more research studies are proving that diet is the main culprit (Hippocrates, the Greek physician called the Father of Medicine and supposed author of of "Hippocratic Oath" said "let food be thy medicine" centuries ago!!)

Unfortunately, the drug and food industries both have great profit motives to ignore these facts; unfortunately, tired and stressed mothers and fathers rely heavily on unhealthy highly processed (and addictive) foods to feed their children.  The obesity rate for children has soared, childhood medical problems are at a record high, and the continuous solution provided by the health care "professionals" is providing more and more drugs to address the problem.

I find it alarming that so much attention is focused on "health care" in today's environment, but so little is done by the majority of the population to take care of one's own health!!  As women, many people assume we are "nurturers", and I do believe that it is up to us to take the lead in insisting the food that goes into our bodies in healthy for us, that we insist our family eat in a healthy manner, and that NO pill (ALL have dangerous side effects; that's why one needs a prescription) be prescribed for us or those for whom we are responsible if a healthy diet can serve the purpose.  I feel very strongly about this, and have proof of this type of harm within my own family. 

Diabetes treatments are in the forefront of my mind now because I am a bit past due for my annual physical and blood tests for diabetes, etc.  I have a bit of first hand experience with the medical profession on the subject of pill pushing; I choose to reject both blood pressure and cholesterol medicine and control both with diet.-I still have doctor's attempting to get me to take pills even though they say my blood sugar levels are "fine". (I want them always to be below 6.0)  My blood pressure has always been good, so why am I being asked to take pills? (answer: they say studies have shown that they "help" side effects of diabetes-if I take care of the diabetes, why do I need them? I am more concerned with the side effects of the blood pressure pills!!)