Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mature Fashion: Stress Free is Free....

Happy Holidays, Fashionistas and Stylinistas;

Well, the stress level just got bumped up a notch; tomorrow is Christmas Eve; Hanukkah is over, but we now have the Twelve Days of Christmas right before us.  Now is the time to decide which of the chores left to do just are not going to get done!! 

Really, our energy level should not support the efforts that may still be required to make that "perfect" Christmas.  It is time to take a deep breath and remember that good health is the most valuable gift you can give your family and friends.  Make time for yourself to just chill out for a few minutes every few hours.

Try to take twenty minutes a day from now until January 6th just to sit quietly, close your eyes and relax.  Even better, have a cup of tea or coffee or cocoa either before or after.  Try very hard to get enough sleep during this time frame

Do your minimum exercise routine every day.  If you can manage more, so much the better.  Plan to do some gentle stretching routines just before bed and immediately upon arising.  (If you have any existing medical condition that might interfere with the stretching or exercise, check with your doctor, first)

It is the holiday season and food is everywhere, and almost all the time.  Please enjoy those items you really love but in smaller quantities, and if you don't love it, consider getting rid of it after the first bite!  Remember that animal products are one of the least of the heart healthy foods; consider filling up on heart healthy choices.

We will have many more tips, suggestions, after the holidays.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,everyone.

Geneva White...........Rockmyages@aol.com

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mature Fashion: More on Holiday Health

Happy Holidays Fashionistas and Stylinistas;

Here are some very positive tips I want to pass on to you today;  in the last post we discussed how much at risk the mature woman is from heart attacks, the deadliest condition for the mature women at any time of year. 

All the articles I have been reading lately (not paranoid, but I am one of those high risk ladies)  recommend virtually the same messages; don't forbid yourself enjoyment of the culinary delights of the season. Do, however,  set limits on what you will do, and provide yourself with a fall back position when blindsided by the constant temptations. Several suggestions were ways of making a "mini denial"; an example, " ask for a 1" piece of the pie", or a " teaspoon of the gravy".  Another tip, don't eat anything you do not really want; it is too easy to eat it just because it is there.  If you don't really love the taste of the "goody", don't finish eating it.  Save the calories.

One suggestion that I am going to try was a "treat yourself" situation; make a small batch of reasonably healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, chock full of healthy nuts, 82% cacao dark chocolate, raisins, steel cut oats, almond meal, unrefined sugar (I already reduce the amount) and whole wheat flour, and coconut oil.  This "treat" I will allow myself when I get home from any party or gathering where all the cheese balls, pies, etc. will abound. Knowing I can have the healthier alternative awaiting will help the self control. According to the article (Phd Ben Michaelis) microdenials work like muscles, exercising the denials make will power stronger.  He also says that when you realize you have more self control, it is easier to continue to larger changes.

Keep a food diary.Digital diaries have been found to be more effective than written journals according to Dr. Bonnie Spring at Northwester University; the feedback is immediate and re-inforcing. One of my resolutions is to complete the diary every day.  I am great about  writing down my breakfast and lunch, but all too often I forget during the rest of the day. (Psychological?)

Its the little things:

Some other really great tips were self trickery in "keep moving"; don't allow yourself to sit when talking on the phone.  Set a timer for 20 minutes when in front of the computer or other sit down tasks.  When time is up, get up and move for at least 5 minutes (dusting works great for 5 minute intervals). 

Have a Happy Holiday.....Geneva.............Rockmyages@aol.com

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mature Fashion: Holiday Hazards

Hello Fashionistas and Stylinistas;

This week my post is written with a heavy heart; the manager of the store where I have a part time seasonal job died of a massive heart attack on Sunday. He died at 61 years of age and is survived by a widow of approximately the same age. 

This hits me especially hard because it is the time of year when both my father and my only paternal aunt died during the months of December, (albeit many years ago).  I am always reminded of the many dangers that occur during the holiday season which could mostly be avoided.  Did you know that the holiday season, especially the "twelve days of Christmas" is the worst time of year for heart attacks?; the worst day of the year is Christmas? 

I really do not like being a "wet blanket" on a jolly season but if this reminder prevents only one heart attack, it will be worth it.

A known trigger for attacks is the heavy meals often served on Christmas day after a season of holiday stress and often, lack of sleep.  Obviously, the mature population is at the greatest risk.

Heart attacks are not the only danger during this season.  The greatest percentage of fire deaths is caused by flaming Christmas trees, over Six thousand people are treated in the emergency room for cutting and stabbing wounds related to the packaging of toys and presents.  Over Five thousand people are treated for serious decorating mishaps such as falling off ladders, chairs, etc., and the Christmas and New Years traffic accidents take a heavy toll on the emergency rooms.

PLEASE be careful this holiday season; please remember the mature population is at the greatest risk.

Have a SAFE and sane holiday season...............Geneva