Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mature Fashion: Health Check-ups

It is always great to get positive feedback, especially if you have been trying hard to accomplish a goal.  One of my goals is to maintain the best state of health possible for me within my lifestyle, budget, etc.

I had my yearly health check-up today; my doctor told me my "numbers were just great, and to keep doing whatever it was that I was doing.."  Obviously, that report really made me feel I had accomplished the goal I wanted, at least as far as maintaining as healthy a body and mind as I can.

I still am trying to lose the additional five pounds I attempted over six months ago...the good news is that I am down to 130 (from my perceived 134 that was actually 137!!)  I am now adjusting my target to my 125 by New Year is getting close enough to holiday temptations to really watch the weight.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mature Fashion: Weight, Self Image and Fashion

Almost every woman CAN look magnificent; she may also look beautiful, healthy, toned, or at least, attractive no matter her weight (and many times, her physical deformities).  How she accomplishes this is mostly within her own control. Physical appearance is a combination of diet, exercise, and can get a boost from the fashion industry.

I have seen quite of bit of social and published media lately that really disturbs me.  The latest was a woman in a swim suit that was totally inappropriate for her body mass and type. Her text bemoaned her insecurity when swimming with her children because her neighbor lady had a figure like a model.  One of the comments listed under her published picture encouraged her to "love her body"  even though overweight and stated that her children would not care if she was fat, but would remember the good times in the pool.

Firstly, anyone who was truly insecure with her figure would never wear a string bikini in a "look at me" print and publish it on Facebook!...especially, if she was obese and afraid of her body exposure.  Secondly, obesity is an important HEALTH issue as well as an appearance issue.  My advice to this woman would have been to lose the 50+ pounds (or more) necessary to preserve her health.  It is certainly my belief that her ability to swim and have fun with her children and/or grandchildren is much more effective with weight loss than her appearance in a swim suit.  Advising anyone to "accept" themselves in this condition is a dis-service, at best. (Now, before anyone brings up the fact that "some people can't help it, etc." please remember that pertains to less than 1 % of those who are overweight!)

From a fashion point of view, swimwear for every figure is available in today's market.  We have all seen women who are very much over their ideal weight; Oprah Queen Latifah, and other public personalities who always look wonderful.  I am seventy three, have wrinkles, veins, etc. that often accompany aging; I am also still overweight, but within a healthy range.  To prove the point that any woman CAN find something that can allow her to play with children, grand-children, or even great-grandchildren, I am publishing my picture in a suit that is appropriate for my body type and particular figure challenges.  BTW, you don't have to have an in-house chef or a high priced fashion stylist or spend a ton of money on a suit; the suit above is "Lands End" purchased at Sears with an accompanying over wrap; both purchased on sale for a little less than $100.00.

This is the only post that I am publishing on both the "Rockmyages" blog and the "RockmyFitness" blog because I do have some different readership on each site and because I think the issue of weight control is so very important to "Rock Our Age".  It is also important from the fashion view point to always remember that no matter the figure challenge, fashion can be used to project a desirable image.  Most importantly, it is important to reach a healthy weight goal.  Even if it is just adding a few steps to the day, doing just one sit-up or push-up,..just begin.  In the meanwhile, fashion can be used to increase confidence and self-image while reaching your goal..I am still trying to lose those last pesky five pounds to get within my personal health weight range.