Friday, October 21, 2016

Mature Fashion: Housework Aerobics

We all have them; weeks when there is just too much to do in the time available. This week has been one of the weeks where it has been difficult to meet my exercise commitments (appointment for new brakes on car, appointment for lube job, run errand in another town, etc.)  Those duties plus more than usual "sit down" time in front of a computer, etc.  make it even more difficult to maintain a healthy body.  Exercise, in general, is just NOT one of my favorite things.  All of those little interruptions can play havoc with an exercise routine(s) and I am constantly reminding myself that I must "keep moving" if I am going to maintain my fitness goals.

When I have those days when I know I am failing to meet my exercise goals, I try and combine necessary chores that require a lot of physical exercise just to get the job done. This also happens to be one of those weeks. I absolutely HAVE to get the cushions washed while the weather has a little heat and I also must trim the bushes, etc. that circle the patio.  Based on water restrictions, I will use the water to wash to cushions to also water the bushes after they are cut back and trimmed.

I chose the rugged jeans (Karan) , comfortable cotton blend utility shirt (August Silk..although not silk!!), and Ann Taylor cotton sweater.  Both the bracelets and shoes were removed when I actually did the watering and clipping; I replaced the shoes with rubber knee high boots during that exercise. Washing the cushions thoroughly and positioning them for optimum sun exposure require a lot of bending, pulling, and pushing, etc.  Putting away the cushions I washed earlier in the week also require a lot of rather strenuous lifting and bending

I also made it a point (used my cell phone timer) to make sure I got up for five minutes of concentrated movement (vacuuming and dusting each exercise break) for every twenty minutes in front of the computer, jewelry making, or stitching.  

I have been making some doll jewelry and proto-typing some of my Lord Perry Patterns for the upcoming fund raiser in early November.  

In the early evening it had already began to get rather chilly.  I wore the trimmed jean jacket (Coldwater Creek) for a walk of at least twenty minutes before I joined a friend for a casual dinner at her home just down the block.

The dark blue leather saddle stitch loafers are Cole Haan; the bracelets are vintage cloisonne and silver bangles, and the Maltese cross neck pendent was purchased at a Hobby Lobby craft store. 

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